Terms and Con

Google Bio Org is an online community. In the community, members can answer questions and queries and read or learn about articles on anything from light to serious. Google Bio Being an online community, this site will be a meeting place for people of different opinions – that’s only natural. So all members must follow certain rules for community discipline. All members can make the Google Bio community safe and enriching for everyone. The main purpose of the rules is to help him.

The Google Bio community expects each member to abide by the rules with integrity, decency and respect.

  1. No username may be used that may imply affiliation with the administration or authority of Google Bio. Example: – Admin, Administrator, Coordinator, Root etc.
  2. Names that hurt the religious feelings of people cannot be taken (example: Allah, Angel, Satan, God, God, etc.)
  3. Cannot register with names of famous people (example: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Newton, Linus, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg etc.). However, if the username actually matches the name of a famous person, it may be considered.
  4. Names representing other important parties or implying representation of another party may not be used without permission.
  5. No obscene name or name bearing any obscene meaning or implying anything obscene shall be taken.
  6. Here you can not promote or promote any of your own articles published on other sites or your own website. The main purpose of Google Bio is knowledge acquisition and knowledge distribution. It is not a retail or commercial center. Moreover, no link or advertisement inconsistent with the article can be mentioned.
  7. Google Bio Website can change the terms of service any time.

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